Things to Take with You When You Travel Through the Philippines

Being a travel nomad, you must know the importance of packing light and with the basics essentials intact. Packing actually depends too on many factors like time or duration of stay, destination, and your lifestyle. Will you be there for business or leisure? Maybe even both? There are a lot of considerations to think of when traveling but the practical and basic points would certainly not be missed.

Here are the top things to take with you when you travel through the Philippines:

  • Cash, Credit Cards, and Travel Documents. Make sure that you have all of these important things in one place. Invest in a handy and roomy travel organizer which can hold your IDs, Visa/Passport, credit cards, cash, itineraries, tickets, contact or address book, and health cards or documents and keep it accessible and well-organized. Keep this on your carry-on bag and near you at all times.
  • Sunglasses. It is sunny in the Philippines. You will want to protect your eyes and look cool in all the pictures you take while on vacation. Get you a cool pair of wooden wayfarer sunglasses. They float–since you’ll be in the water a lot–and they are a fashion must have.
  • Devices. You will definitely need your camera or smartphone for capturing memories while traveling. This also helps you get connected with family and friends while you’re away from home. More so, this allows you to keep in touch with the rest of the team if you happen to travel in a group or with contacting people while getting around the Philippines. Your iPad, laptop, tablet, videocam, powerbank, and other devices would also come handy for connecting over social media and even researching for nearby hotels or restaurants in the city.
  • Travel Humidifier. A cool-mist travel humidifier is definitely a must-have when traveling in the Philippines. Being a tropical country, you can combat the heat wave with having a portable travel humidifier that you can use while traveling or in hotel rooms that do not have air conditioning. This helps you get comfortable and relaxed even when you’re not sleeping in your own bedroom.
  • Health or First Aid Kit. Make sure that you have hand sanitizers, alcohol, wet wipes, prescription medicines, vitamins, burn ointments, eyedrops, allergy medicines, cotton balls, gauges, and antiseptic ointment ready. Be sure everything is labeled so anyone can figure it out in case of emergency situations.
  • Toiletry Bag. Here is where your vanity kit comes in. Get your toiletry case filled with shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion, lip balm, lipstick, makeup, cologne, feminine wash, mirror, detergent, scissors, nail clippers, contact lenses; and the like. Look and feel fresh with your toiletry bag in tow.

When packing your clothes, make sure you have your basic wardrobe inside. If you are in for a vacation then pack lightweight materials that can be easily layered when visiting the Philippines because of the temperate climate conditions. An umbrella also is a must-have or a cap and sunglasses for sun protection. You must pack shirts, shorts, underwear, sleepingwear, socks, jewelries, shoes, and slip-ons in compartments for easy access and organization.

Traveling to the Philippines is certainly something to look forward to. If you love to be sun-kissed and frolic in the beaches, surround yourself with warm and hospitable people, roam around panoramic landscapes, and dig into mouthful of delectable dishes – then you have found your “Pearl of the Orient”.